Bollywood Park in Dubai to open in October this year

Bollywood park made in Dubai will be opened in October. In this 17 Lakhs Square Feet, there are five different different zones Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios, which can attract the tourist. If to believe Thomas Jellum, General Manager of Bollywood Parks Dubai, then he is badly waiting for this park to open. 2 Thomas told, 'We cannot make people more wait to see the park. We tried everything to get Bollywood in this park.Then be it be Chasing Don, Flying like Krrish, being saved by Chulbul Pandey or playing cricket with Bhuvan. THis park is not only for people related to Bollywood. For every tourist, it can be a hot destination. 3 Bollywood has always been second shooting location outside India for Bollywood, most of the movies of India are shot there, Even awards shows are organised there, many Bollywood celebs have villas there in UAE. This park is a kind of tribute to Bollywood film Industry. Now only in Dubai, but there are many fans from other countries in the world. This park will be like a guide to you, if you are interested to know about Bollywood. 4 This park also tells about some Bollywood prominent movies, which have changes the pattern of making movies from ages. These movies would include the likes of Sholay, Lagaan and others. There is a theatres Raajmahal, with the seating of 850 people. People can even enjoy Indian Food in six restaurants which will be offering various Indian dishes. 6 7 8 9 5