This Hollywood film collected more than 4 Bollywood films released this Friday

It is seen for the first time that, opening weekend collection of 4 films of Bollywood is less than 1 film of Hollywood. This is an record. Lat Friday, Bollywood's films were released, Budhia Singh - Born To Run, Fever, The Legend Of Michael Mishra and Hai Apne Dil Tho Awara. Manoj Bajpai's Bhudia Sinhg collected 1.25 crores at the box office in it's opening weekend. But collection of rest 3 films were stuck under lakhs. The Legend of MIchael Mishra collected 50 Lakhs and Fever collected 75 Lakhs at the box office. Weekend collection of these 4 films were not able collect 5 crores. Whereas Weekend collection of Hollywood film 'Suicide Squad' collected 9,75 crores. This movie is rocking at Indian Box Office. Film is getting too much moth Publicity, so it seems like, film will earn good. Trade Expert Amod Mehra says, 'Problem behind small films is that only, due to less budget film, people don't get to know about it. Films are promoted very less, so that why we don't even get to know, that when they come and when they go. Now if Critics also gives good review, then also people don't get to know that is this film is released or no. Same was seen with Budhia Singh. Film got good response from the critics, but was not able to impress you Box office.' If to believe Taran Adarsh then, then films which was released last Friday, then easily get advantage of this. John and Varun starrer film Dishoom got the same advantage. Which in India has collected 63 crores at the box office. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016