Bigg Boss Season 10 : Now everyone is equal in the house, no owners, no servants

Daily a new thing is seen in Bigg Boss House. Sometimes owner, sometimes servants. Players of every team are creating problems for the others, but now what will happen. Now everyone is equal. According to the new announcement of the house, now every person in the house will be equal. There will be no owner and no servants. There will be no celebs and the common man. Everybody will be equal. Now everyone inside the house is tensed. Some are not happy with this, and some are very happy with this. New rules introduced in Bigg Boss house On the twitter account of Bigg Boss, a video was shared on Wednesday morning. In this Bigg Boss is saying that now everyone in this house will be equal. No one will be superior and inferior. Celebs are not happy with this and Indiawale are celebrating this. You also see that video, in which house people are giving the different response. Baba Swami was in secret room from last 3 days, now today, he will be seen back in the house. Om Swami can see everything from the secret room and he saw Manu doing some gossips about him and he is very angry with this. Recently, Manveer shaved off his beard to save Manu Punjabi from the elimination. But unfortunately, he is not saved in this week nominations. Manveer shaved his beard for Manu Punjabi Earlier it was said that Priyanka Jagga will come back in the show, but no signs of her are seen here. Let's see what happens. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017