Bigg Boss 10 : Priyanka Jagga has given many auditions in B-grade films

This time in Bigg Boss season 10, completion is going on between Celebrities and Commoners. Priyanka Jagga was the most discussed one, who comes in commoners, but now the news is coming that Priyanka Jagga is very Ambitious and is struggling to make her career in Bollywood. Priyanka Jagga will make re-entry in the house The news even says that Priyanka can even come back in the show. Although, Priyanka is out of the house, but still, she is discussed inside the house. Her commoner's friends miss her. Fresh news about her is this Priyanka is dreaming of becoming an actress and because of this only, she has come to this show. If to believe the news, then she has given audition of many B-Grade films, but she wants to come in A-lister films. She has even contacted with many agencies in Mumbai. One Junior actor has revealed many things about Priyanka Jagga on one condition that no one will take her name. She said that Priyanka is very ambitious in terms of Money and Fame and she wants to be in contact with that person, which can help her in fulfilling hr dreams. It is also said that she has much time narrated her wrong story and have made people emotional, as she could get an advantage of it. These two are highest paid contestant of Bigg Boss house According to this junior actor, Priyanka was trying very hard to enter Bigg Boss and for this also she contacted with many people and then she got the chance to come here because she feels that after staying in Bigg Boss house, her destiny will be changed. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List