Bigg Boss 10 : Know who got evicted this week from the house!

The eviction from Bigg Boss house has become a very discussed topic in betweens the loyal viewers of the Bigg Boss house. Talking about this week means the 9th week of the house then contestant Nitibha Kaul, Bani J, Lopamudra Raut, Manveer Gurjar, and Rahul Dev were nominated for the elimination from the house. But now the voting list has been leaked and according to it, one shocking contestant will leave the show. According to the leaked voting list, VJ Bani who was nominated this week for some unknown reason got top position in the terms of votings. She got the most votes and she is safe for this week elimination. So cheer up for VJ Bani fans who are liking her game spirit and attitude. Monalisa boyfriend denied marriage with her Then many of fans will get shocked to know that who has got the second position besides Manveer Gurjar in terms of voting. It is none other than Lopamudra, yes she has got second most votes in terms of voting of this week. There is the very short difference in between Bani and Lopa's votes. Now it comes to third most votes achieved then it is the well-known contestant of the house. Actually, Manveer Gurjar has got third most votes for saving this week from eliminations. Imam Siddique will enter the Bigg Boss house Now as Rahul Dev is much popular then Nitibha Kaul so he has got fourth highest votes for saving out from eliminations. As you get to know that Nitibha has got lowest votes in eliminations but there is a twist in the eliminations. Actually, after seeing the content point of view the Bigg Boss makers have decided to eliminate Rahul Dev from the house. Now everyone knows why he is being out from the house. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List