Bigg Boss 10 : Fights between Nitibha and Swami Om Ji made the situation more worst

After Sunny Leone went out of the house, a new equation is seen between the contestant of this show. Now news says that every day some new equation is seen. NItibha Kaul, Lopa Mudra, and VJ Bani lashed out on Swami Ji. Again Rohan Mehra got the task. Another responsibility is given to Lopa and Manu Punjabi. Rohan has to save his treasure, whereas Lopa and Manu have to steal it. Now during this Nitibha and Swami Ji started fighting with each other. The situation is so worst that Rahul Dev was even seen shouting on Swami Ji. Talks between Nitibha and Swami Ji went on to hitting each other. This time rest of the people did not interfere in the fight. Emraan Hashmi’s ex-co-star will be the first wild card entry in Bigg Boss house Now let's see where this fight will go, because, after the last task, Girl power is lashing Swami JI and Manu Punjabi. Now let's see who will win this game. Sunny Leone's Matter  After 5 years, Sunny was seen in Bigg Boss 10. She met with every contestant of Biss Boss 10. Everyone welcomed her nicely, other shook hand with her, but Swami Ji hugged her. This was not liked by Vj Bani, Nitibha Kaul, Lopa Mudra. Manu Punjabi called Sunny Leone as her ‘Maal’ These three scolded him very badly. Lopa explained him, 'Please don't touch like this if any girl comes just handshake with her.' On this Swami Ji said, 'She is an actress.' After listening to this all three became angry, means if she is an actress, then you will touch her like anywhere? Swami Ji said that he was not touching it with bad intention. It's your wish, don't touch. Bigg Boss has not said that I cannot touch and I will not listen to you. Again all three started scolding him. You may also like :- Monalisa BF is not happy because of her closeness with Manu Punjabi Intimate scenes between VJ Bani and Gaurav during a task