Banning of Hindi Films in Pakistan will affect the business till 70 %

Pakistan Film Industry is worried that if the relations between India and Pakistan goes more worst and then if the Hindi films are banned in the country, then the Industry will have to face the loss of 70 %. Film Industry people are scared that if the condition doesn't convert to good then industry people will raise their voice against banning Hindi films. A renowned exhibitor, distributor and owner of Atrium Cineplex chain Nadeem Mandvivalla told, 'I do not want negativity, but the truth is this that due to the release of Hindi films and International films from last few years, this has increased the business of Pakistan Film Industry. They told, 'I only expect that tensions between the country should not be there for a long time. If the temporary ban is imposed on the film, then it will not effect us, but if this ban goes permanently then many cinema halls and Multiplex will get closed. According to a popular film critic Omar Alawi, Due to Increase in Cinema screens and Pakistan Film Industry is surviving. Alvi told, 'Many Pakistan films are released and are doing good and many are in line to release. But for the survival of the Film Industry, basically, 50-60 films should be produced in a year which we are not able to do right now. Mandvivalla told that 70 % business is made from Hindi and Hollywood films. He said, ' There is no option. If relations are destroyed then this will affect somebody. However, he said that when in past films were banned in Pakistan, when Pirated DVDs and other things were sold secretly, then business was raised. He said, 'Now there are the only operator, but I think that if any king od ban is imposed then their program will also be affected. Sali Khan who is in this business from years believes that it will not be banned there but if it happens then Cinema Halls owner has to fold their business and to reduce some expenses, some screens have to be closed. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017