At Shahrukh's house, Salman used to hang out with friends

Today Salman is a successful star and he has made his own place in Bollywood and if we see the previous records, then he could be given this place also. So what is the plan ahead and what are the old memories that lasts with him. Do you know that what are the places where Salman still wants to go? In the a special show Selfie, Salman Khan tells that there is a church named Mount Merry he used to go there in the past. There is one more place at Band Stamp. He even goes there. Salman added on this question that there is a restaurant there, he even visits there. They used to sit outside Shahrukh's house in their childhood days...there used be Subhash's house at that time...they used to call it green spot. He said that he used to pass through sea rock and then does exercise and swimming also. Then he used to sit there. Then Salman said that they all became heros, the crowd used to get collecting at the stop, so then he used to leave the stop. The other people still sit there, who are their childhood friends. There was space in the road and they used to drink lassi there. When he was that how he look back to the old days? Salman in this regard answered "what is the point looking back...I am still doing those things, which I used to do at my childhood days. Cycling, fun and enjoyment. I do not want to lower down the fun level of my childhood. When someone leaves all these things he becomes old. And I do not want to become an old man". Salman Khan Upcoming Movies