Alia Bhatt give a fantastic reply to her critics open letter

Alia Bhatt posted a picture on twitter and after reading the picture everyone got shocked that why Alia Bhatt posted this picture. Did Alia Bhatt give the reply to her critics who criticized her for playing Bihari girl in Udta Punjab. After reading the tweet of Alia Bhatt you will also know that it could be a reaction for action. Alia Bhatt posted a picture: Alia picture Alia Bhatt played a bihari girl who comes to Punjab to follow her dreams. For making life she do work in field. Alia Bhatt's look from the film is very typical which people are liking most but there is a female writer Shefali Jha who desn't like the look of Alia Bhatt. Shefali Jha worte a open letter to Alia Bhatt in which she asked to Alia from wearing which cloth Alia is telling that she is bihari that is nothing more than torn clothes is this Alia Bhatt trying to prove that Bihar is most poverty place. On this Alia Bhatt reply this picture which is showing that she has become more mature film by film.