Akshay's Movie 'Airlift' 30 percent Shooting Completed will be only two songs

After 'Baby' Akshay Kumar's "Airlift" to less songs at the time writing the script was fixed. There was just two songs. The thinking renewable says, "My son asks movie If you are happy why do you sing a song? Why just not go to dinner? I have no answer. I also thought so, too, can go for dinner or something else, like we do in real life. I was too embarrassed to hear why am running around trees? Why am dancing under the waterfall? I'm going for the girl? My child or the generation likes to get the audience to sing only when you need them in the film. He explains, "If the audience does not like sudden drops song. He gets to watch the tempo breakdown. Neeraj Pandey, did not have any songs in baby movie. I liked the idea. It is only then that the audience changes The choice also. The thing is, my son's not young audience. We will have to listen to talk of youngsters. The new idea in their minds which they want to see on the screen the same way. " Where Akshay's "Brothers" which is release on August 14, the "airlift" shooting continues. 30 percent has been completed.