Akshay Kumar revealed that the secret of his fitness is in Kerala

There are lots of discussions happens for Bollywood's actor Akshay Kumar's fitness and routine and he is one of the fittest actors of Bollywood. Now Akshay Kumar himself has revealed that he used to service of his body for his fitness. These days, Akshay Kumar shares his from the heart talks with his loved ones directly through social media. On a Wednesday night, Akshay Kumar has shared a video on his Twitter account and told that usually, this is the time for his sleep but today he wants to share a happiness with his fans. In this video, Akshay Kumar, first of all, thanked everyone for making his film Jolly LLB 2 a hugely successful movie. Then Akshay told that he is feeling refresh and healthy and the reason behind this is that last week his body has gone through an Ayurveda servicing. https://twitter.com/akshaykumar/status/834432588399857664 Akshay told, I went to Kerala for 14 days, where I don't have a mobile phone, no clothes, no medicines, and luxury items. I was in an Ayurvedic center at there and there was a very normal life, I can say that it was a body servicing. In this 5 minutes video, Akshay Kumar told many benefits of Ayurveda. Even Akshay told, the interesting thing is that there was no Indian in that Ayurvedic center of Kerala, all are foreigners. Akshay told that it is like darkness under the light. He told we have all kind of treatment for every disease but despite that, we go to foreign for our treatment.