Akshay Kumar Spreads COVID-19 Awareness Through New Short Film

Amid the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, people all across the world and even celebrities have been coming up with new and innovative techniques, videos and films regarding the deadly crisis. Recently, Akshay Kumar took to his official Twitter handle to share his new short film regarding coronavirus and the normalcy after lockdown. The celebrity is known for working in movies dedicated to the nation or for a social cause and he has brought forward yet another film for people all across the country. The advertisement cum short film has been directed by R Balki. Akshay has worked regarding people returning to work after relaxations are being produced amid lockdown. The actor wrote that he released his short film while India still strives to fight Coronavirus and also advised people to get back to work only when their state's respective authorities allow them to. Akshay also added a very innovative statement: "Chalo India, badalkar apna vyahvar, karein corona par vaar".


In the 1 minute and 30 seconds video that Akshay had shared, he can be seen going to work in his village when his village Sarpanch stops him and asks him to go back as the deadly coronavirus pandemic is still active in the country. On the Sarpanch's question, Akshay informs his that he is not scared as he would not get affected as long as he wears a mask, washes his hands regularly, maintains a distance of 2 metres from people and follows the necessary precautions. Akshay also tells the Sarpanch that getting back to work is his responsibility as the medical staff is also working day and night. Towards the end, the Sarpanch also goes to work along with Akshay while Akshay informs people to take precautions, move ahead, stay safe and become Aatmanirbhar.

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