Akshay, Abhishek and Riteish made fun of Deepika Paduokone

In Bollywood who is not aware with the funny sense of humor of Akshay Kumar, now he has started fun on social media also. Recently he posted something which his fans can't stop to laugh. Akshay posted a picture on Facebook, look to this picture you will remember the picture of Deepika Padukone's where she was with Vin Diesel. The actress had gave hint for that she is working with Diesel. Houseful 3 co-stars Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan is also with Akshay in this picture with Vin Patrol. Who is looking same like Vin Patrol. https://twitter.com/akshaykumar/status/674181896813871104 Akshay wrote with this picture, 'Since Vin Diesel is busy working with Deepika Padukone, we at Housefull 3 are making do with Vin Patrol'. Riteish also tweeted the same and wrote, 'Patrol's rate more than DIesel's rate'. https://twitter.com/Riteishd/status/674194999219654656 Both the picture Vin's face is not clear so you can't make difference in both pictures. Akshay, Abhishek and Riteish have tried well to do same expression like Deepika's expressions.