Air India to warn Kapil Sharma for 'violent' in-flight behavior

NEW DELHI: Indian carriers' are now serious concerning tackling the growing hazard of unruly passengers disrespected using the VVIP or celebrity tag. Air India is now thinking to warn leading TV comedian Kapil Sharma, who supposedly created a major ruckus on a current Australia-India flight. AI chief Ashwani Lohani had inquired a report on the in-flight presence of this star comedian and the warning, the exact kind of which is being concluded is likely to be declared this week. The star was flying with his crew in business class of a Melbourne-Delhi flight (AI 309) on March 16. According to references, the comedian reportedly had too much booze. Then he became very noisy and lashed out with exclamations at this team, said a source. Hearing the disturbance, economy passengers got interested, possibly frightened too. At this point, the flight's cabin crew charged the actor to calm down and be supported as other passengers, counting an elderly lady who was the only passenger in the business class not with the team, were getting worried. Sources said the star regretted to the crew and calmed down. 'A while later, he again got up and began yelling on his team members. This time a pilot came out and strictly warned the passenger. This time the warning worked. Then the star flew to India, sleeping a maximum of the time,' said a source. It looks like there’s no end to Kapil Sharma’s sorrows. The TV comedian, whose unfolding with his crew members led to a public fight with co-star Sunil Grover, will now get a strict notice from Air India. According to an article by Times of India, A warning will reportedly be announced this week to the TV star on his drunken in-flight behavior. Unexpectedly, Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, also tweeted punishing violent behavior on flights and guaranteed 'an appropriate action'. According to travelers on the flight, Kapil, who had had excessively much to drink, frequently abused his team and formed a scene before being warned off by the pilot. They were traveling business class. After the incident, Sunil Grover, Ali Azgar, and Chandan Prabhakar have quit The Kapil Sharma Show. More details of the Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover drooled have been published by a Hindustan Times report, which details out the statement of an eyewitness who was traveling on the same Air India flight from Melbourne to Mumbai as the two stars. Apparently, the reference to the state of anonymity explained that Kapil had drunk an entire bottle of whiskey and lost his calm when the cabin crew served food while he was still drinking, and his crew members didn’t wait for him to end before digging in. Kapil reportedly yelled at his team telling, 'jab maine khaana shuru nahi kiya toh tum logo ne kaise le liya khaana?' The eyewitness went on to tell that Sunil Grover attempted to calm him down as his entourage started passing their trays. Apparently, Kapil hit Sunil with his shoe and also slapped him numerous times.