This actress has not any problem in wearing bikini for films

Model Ritika Gulati who is making her Bollywood debut through the upcoming romantic film Love Ke Fundey says that she do not feel any hesitation or shame in wearing bikini because she has a good figure. Ritika Said, from the time my figure got better that time I don't feel shame or hesitation in wearing bikini as a actress this is a part of my profession. Everyone knows about me in real life so what I look in reel life is not like my reality. He said, when I first time seen wearing bikini that time my relatives were worried but later they liked it. In this industry it happens with new comers but when an old actress wear bikini no one says anything. There are four lead couples in the film Love Ke Fundey and all are in live in relationship besides one whom are married. Ritika is playing Yoga Guru in the film and the film is slated to release in July.