Actress Karisma Kapoor reached Supreme Court Delhi

Actress Karisma Kapoor and Businessman Sanjay kapur divorce has reached Supreme Court. Today Court will try to compound between the two sides. Today they both are called in the court. Karisma Kapoor has reached the court. Before this divorce matter was going in a court of Mumbai. The case before reaching the end, both of them started putting charges on each other. During this Sanjay appealed to shift the case to Delhi, because his life is in danger in Mumbai. Now Supreme court has asked both the lawyers to prepare the agreement on potential terms and also said, compound should be done in Supreme Court instead of Mumbai Court. Let me tell you, Karisma and Sanjay were to take divorce with mutual consent. But suddenly in November 2015, Karisma withdraw her approval from divorce appeal. Karisma says that there were financial commitment between both of them but they are not completed. Then Sanjay reached court and alleges that Karisma married him for money. After this Karisma father Randhir Kapoor said, she is Kapoor and she has no shortage of Money.