Aamir revealed the secret that he was afraid of his life during 'Dangal' shooting

Aamir Khan selects his character in films on his own. Many time he selects such character, which are challenging as well as risky. Aamir is Dangal is playing role of Mahaveeri Singh Phogat, that is also very risky. During the shooting, Aamir could have lost his life. According to the report, Making body for Dangal was dangerous for Aamir Khan. However, he believes in taking risk, that be it be with body or career. Aamri told, 'People think I'm mad. When I did film Lagaan, then people said that films made on sports do not work in India, period film doesn't work. I wore dhoti in it and dialogues were also not in Hindi. Film was also long. Everyone said, film will be a big flop, but I liked it and I worked in it. But Lagaan was the biggest hit of that year. I got National Award for it. Film was also nominated for the Oscar.' When Aamir Khan signed film 'Dangal' then he was asked to refuse it, because this character has too much risk. Aamir had to only play role of old and Young Mahaveer. Making body at the age of 50 was risky, but Aamir did not listen to any body. He told, 'I'm always afraid that film's work don't get stopped. or I get injured, or I die during shooting. My motive is that, film should not stop in any situation.' He told, 'There was too much risk during 'Dangal' shooting. I was afraid that nothing should happen to me, then what will happen to the film. So I said to the director Nitesh Tiwari that If I die during the shooting, then for young Mahaveer, cast Varun Dhawan, Ranbir kapoor, Ranveer Singh or Shahid Kapoor.' Let me tell you, Aamir these days is shooting for Dangal. In this schedule, he is playing role of Young Mahaveer. Few days back he shared his photo, in which his body was looking amazing.