Aalia Bedi gave smashing answers to the trolls over her Bikini Photo

Before entering Bollywood, Pooja Bedi's Daughter Aalia Bhatt is trending on Social Meda. She has 2 Lacs followers of her beauty on Instagram. Some followers have appreciated her look, but some of them have done absurd comments. Well, Alia Bedi has given amazing answers to those absurd comments. Pooja Bedi's daughter Alia Bedi's hot pictures Aalia in an interview said that she gets good comments for her photos and those people love her style, but there are some comments, from which she gets upset. She said, 'If I say that such comments don't matter to me then it's wrong. Such comments make you upset.' insta-1 Aalia said over the comments on her, 'I read few comments on which such thing was written, 'Oh what is good in this, she is doing this for skill show.' Further, she said, 'I also read that someone wrote that not from Bollywood, but she is ready for the Porn industry. Have these people not seen Bollywood film, in which actress is seen wearing the bikini. Every successful actress is seen wearing Bikini? Then is she ready for porn? Such comments really confuse me.' Pooja Bedi's daughter faced obscene comment insta-2 Aalia even shared a part of the comment. She showed the double standard of one follower. She said that a female follower commented on her Bikini Photo, then Alia checked the profile of that girl and she saw that she had also posted one bikini photo. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List