Will Salman Khan be punished in the Case of Deer Hunting or not, Judgement Reserved

Hearing has been done on the appeal filed in High court against one year punishment in the case of Deer poaching against Salman Khan. However, decision will be given later. Appeal was presented from Salman Khan against the punishment. Chief Judicial Magistrate's court on Februaty 17, 2006, under the Wildlife Act sentenced Salman Khan 1 years impresonment and penelty of 5 thousand. But seven accused Mohammad Husain, Kuldeep, Dushyant Singh, Yashpal Singh, Mahendra Pal SIngh and Satish Shah were acquitted by the court. Government appealed High Court to increase the punishment of Salman Khan and on other hand, from Salman side appeal was filed against the punishment. Right now he is busy in his film Sultan.