Varun Dhawan faces lose of 180 crores because of Salman Khan

Have you ever heard that any superstar have insecurity with a newcomer. However, Varun Dhawan is not a new comer but for Salman Khan's manager Reshma Shetty he is. This is the reason that Reshma Shetty has made a lose of 180 crores of Varun Dhawan, just to provide profit to Salman Khan. Varun Dhawan was to do deal with Star Network of 180 crores. According to this deal, Varun Dhawan 6 movies would be just shown on Star network and Varun is the only one to do this deal. Apart from his Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Ajay and Shahrukh Khan have such deals. Well actually, Reshma Shetty handles both Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan and she thought 180 crores is much biggest than that fees which Salman has got. So, till the time Star network don't increase the fees of Salman Khan till then Varun will not sign the deal. Because Salman Khan is a very big superstar and his importance is double than Varun.