Will Rakhi Sawant be offer seat of Censor Board ?

Censor Board Chief Pehlaj Nihalani has expressed his anger over Rakhi Sawant and has said very clearly if Rakhi does not like his work then he will request the government to offer Censor Board chief chair to Rakhi Sawant in place of him. Actually a few days back, during the release of Rakhi's film 'Ek Kahani Julie Ki', she alleged Censor Board for doing partiality. Pehlaj Nihalani says that earlier only producers and directors used to criticise Censor board but now actors are even doing that. It will happen in few days that spot who works in a film will also come to criticise us. On Rakhi's anger, he said that Rakhi has not information about the rules of Censor Board. If censor board gives a certificate to a film then even they cannot change it until the time there is no demand from producers and directors. Nihalani said that if Rakhi wants to sit on my seat then he will request Government to remove him from the chair and give Rakhi Sawant this responsibility to control this job. It can happen that Rakhi's competition with Sunny Leone also gets easy if she comes in Censor Board.' This is a Hindi Thriller and it is directed by Aziz Zee and is produced by Chetna Sharma. This film was expected to release on 10th August. But was delayed by the censor board. This film is based on famous Sheena Bora Murder Case. Amit Mehra will also be seen in the lead role. You may also know: Rakhi says she is not a pornstar Upcoming movies List