I want my fans to accept me in every phase of my life : Kareena Kapoor

Film actress Kareena Kapoor says that she is tension for her look after the pregnancy but she wants that her fans accept her in every phase. Kareena in a Facebook chat with food expert Rajeta Divekar said I didn't know what to do after pregnancy and I don't know what will be the good after this. I am very energetic, happy and satisfied. She further added I work, talks to the people a lot, and enjoys every day. After the pregnancy of nine months, everything has been changed around me. Now it will take the time to get into that back shape. I have talked about the size zero Tashan's size zero figure to Rajeta. She replied that we can't do this immediately rather we have to do it slowly. This is to notice that actresses always used to check their health for increasing weight after the pregnancy and for that they even talk on social media. Last year in December, people were talking about her increased weight. On this, she said how can someone say that my weight is over? I have always been aware of it. I want my fans to accept me in every shape. According to Rajeta, now Kareena's food has been limited and she again has started looking beautiful.