Vivek Oberoi are ordered food only from here on the sets

Vivek Oberoi always work through philanthropy. Now identified as a social worker in addition to the stars, is being built. Such NGOs are supporting this discretion which provides physically challenged youth employment. "Yes Charitable Trust" name NGOs in Juhu Tiffin service is launched. The dinner food is prepared under the supervision of experts and are sold at lower prices. When the discretion of the NGO revealed he decided to help support it. According to sources, 'Vivek "Great Grand Masti 'producers informed about the NGO and the Trust's request to order to eat something which the Trust could help financially. Vivek says, "Mera Dil" 'Yes Charitable Trust' has to do something for people with disabilities. Despite being disabled, they are extremely hard and are trying to earn some money. This is my attempt to order food from there, providing them some help, please."