Varun Dhawan calls Anil Kapoor as 'Uncle' and Akshay Kumar as 'Bhaiya'

In an recent Interview, Varun Dhawan was also present along with Anil kapoor and Akshay Kumar. In this interview, Anil Kapoor talked about his 38 years of Bollywood career. Akshay told, what all tricks he used to get his fees from Producers in his starting career. Varun Dhawan told his connection with Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor. tell this he was denoting Anil Kapoor as 'Uncle' and Akshay Kumar as 'Bhaiya'. On this Anil said why is he maid uncle and Akshay Kumar Bhaiya? Before Varun Dhawan could say anything, Akshay played it, 'Who told you to tell you 38 years experience?' On that point, nobody could control is laughter.