These two contestants are the Highest Paid Contestants of Bigg Boss House

India's most popular and most awaited show Bigg Boss season 10 has been started and like every year, the format of this season is also changed. This time along with Celebrities, common people have also got the change to stay in the house. Bigg Boss is such a show, in which lots of money is invested, so that's why it is said as the father of Reality show. It is said that Salman Khan is also taking 7-8 crores for an episode. Well, you all must be knowing that contestants take money to stay in the house. Last time Rimi Sen got the maximum money as a contestant in the house. Comes let's know, what celebrity is the highest paid. bani-rahul If to believe a news then Bani J and Rahul Dev is getting is the highest paid celeb in the house. Bigg Boss wanted to make them a part of this house from long but every time they refused it. It is said that personality of both can increase the TRP of the show. It is also siad that when these both were contacted with a Big Fees, then they were not able to refuse the offer. Whereas, Naitik (Karan Mehta) of 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai' is getting 1 crores. Let me tell you, contestants of Bigg Boss earn money in terms of Rising and falling popularity. These days Indiawale are being too much rude towards celebs, they are not seeing behaving well inside the house. So now let's see what happens in upcoming days. You may also know:  Om Ji irritated Salman and Deepika Both Box office collection 2016