Twitter lashes out at Anushka Sharma for posting dr kalam's name wrongly

Once again it has been seen that no mistake on Twitter is hidden from the users. Also no mistake would be foregiven even of the person has no fake intentions. This time it is the beautiful actress Anushka Sharma who is the victim. Various bollywood celebrities paid their condolences on the death of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, including Anushka Sharma. But the thing went wrong on her part was that she made a simple spelling mistake and that too in the name of the former president only. Be it happened in a hurry or some other reason, Twitter is not ready to hear anything. As soon as Anushka wrote "ABJ KALAM AZAD" in her tweet, people started taking her hand in hand on the social networking site. In her tweet she had written "hearing about APJ Kalam Azad's death is sad.  We have lost an inspirational and a beautiful soul. May his soul rest in peace". Just as she tweeted this message there was a series of people who started commenting on her tweet. She then deleted that message and again tweeted with the name as APJ Kaam Azad. Then again she was being attacked by the people, commenting that she did not even know the name of former president of India. After this, she deleted the tweet and made a final third tweet making correction stating "Very sad to hear about the passing of APJ Abdul Kalam . Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul .May his soul RIP." But till them then the fault has been done. Twitter does not leave anyone and especially Kamal Khan who knows how to attack a person very well. He said that tweet like this from a well educated actress like Anushka Sharma is a shame. There is no time for her to come out of love and focus on other things.