What time is Priyanka going these days, hiding her body even on beaches

Priyanak Chopra these days is not found in India. She is busy in her Hollywood film. Lots of talks are going on about thi film but trust is something else. Priyanka these days is hiding her body near ocean. Priyanka is working with Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch. Indian Audience is excited about this. Last year, Priyanka wore Bikini in Quantico and in this movie she is hiding her body, fans are not happy with this. Priyanka was not seen in less cloths in the photo of Baywatch, but rest are seen in Bikini except her. Other stars are enjoying on the beach, but Priyanka is not. Nobody is getting, is Priyanka been hide because of some politics or her body is not applicable for Bikini in Hollywood.