Kabir Khan mistreated at Karachi Airport, showed shoes

Bollywood Directed Kabir Khan has been Mistreated at Karachi Airport. People here alleged Kabir that he show bad image of Pakistan in his films. One person showed his shoes to him. With lots of Problem, he reached inside the Airport. As soon as Kabir was entering the Karachi Airport, people there surrounded him. They asked Kabir, 'Why you make films against Pakistan. Why you show bad image of Pakistan in you films. What happens with Muslim in India, why don't you make film on them.' After that people started used slogans of Pakistan Jindabad. Kabir was quite that time and he said that he only make film. Security Guards gave cover to Kabir Khan from the poeple who were speaking slogans and send him further. Let me tell you, Kabir Khan has made films like Phantom and Kabul Express, content of this film was anti Pakistan, so that why these films were opposed in Pakistan. However, Pakistani Censor board appreciated Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan. In this nice image of Pakistan was shown.