'Thithi' film was seen on the top award in Shanghai International Film Festival

Kannad film 'Thithi' has received Best Film and best screenplay award in Asia New Talent Awards at Shanghai International Film Festival. Directed by Ram Reddy 'Thithi' in the only Indian Film which was selected in the festival. Reddy said that Chinese audience views were very overwhelming and they were happy with this experience. Reddy said in a statement, 'Shanghai is the first place the film is being screened at Asia outside of India, and I was really keen to see how people from china and different parts of Asia react to the film. The jury was from China, Japan and Korea and they unanimously loved this film.' In the Best Film Category films like, One Night Only (China), Hana's Miso Soup (Japan), Land of the Little People (Israel) and Detective Chinatown (China) were nominated. Ere Gowda, has co-written his film with Reddy, this film is based on small village. Gowda said that he is happy that people saw the film and they are happy.