“ThaharJa”: Actor Ajay Devgn urges people to stay calm and at home, during lockdown.

The current scenario in the world outside has gripped people in an envelope of fear and stress. The coronavirus pandemic has been doing rounds worldwide, while people continue to stay inside at home due to the lockdown. Our Bollywood celebrities, however, are leaving no stone unturned in order to spread around positivity and motivation among the people during the bleak times. Recently today, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn came out with a special motivational song, aptly titled “ThaharJa”, during the dark times. The song imbibes in people a sense of togetherness and hope, by urging people to stay safe, inside their homes and calm down.


“ThaharJa” has been produced by Ajay Devgn himself, while the song has been composed and sung by Mehul Vyas. In the video, the actor himself is featured at his home, singing along the lyrics and carrying out his daily activities. Along with him are certain visuals of people spending time with their family and loved ones, doing yoga, cooking, drawing and helping others at the same time. Also featured in the video are empty spaces amid lockdown, newspapers and sites carrying the coronavirus news and asking people to stay home. The actor has also lauded the doctors and healthcare workers for their efforts and also, people for being patient. Ajay Devgn, throughout the video, can be seen urging people to be calm, patient, to pray and stay indoors for themselves and for others around them. The video was uploaded on YouTube and was also shared by Indian film critic, Taran Adarsh on his official Twitter handle.

The actor, interestingly, shot the entire video himself along with help from his little assistant director, his 9 year old son, Yug Devgn whose name is also present in the credits. According to reports, an excited Ajay was quoted saying, “It was shot simply with whatever resources were available at home. Later, I sent it to the editor and told him what kind of shots I wanted in the video. Everyone, who was part of this work, worked on it from their own homes. Given that I didn't have a team to shoot it, I asked my son, Yug, if he wanted to be a part of it as my assistant director. When we shot it, all through the day he was working with me and running around the house. He was excited to see his name in the credits”.

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