In "Talvar" 13 pages long scene just done in a single shot

Next month the movie based on murder mystery of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj will be shown in Toronto, Busan, British and London film festival. A long and tough scene is in news these days. This scene was shoot in a single shot. Director Meghna Gulzar said that this 13 pages scene has been written like masterpiece. We had decided that it will be shot like a play. Every actor very well knew the scene and thus they did it in just 2 days. The crew and Irrfan Khan, Konkona  and Neeraj did really well. Irrfan has made his role of police officer really real. Producer and film maker Vishal Bharadwaj did not said anything to him. According to Meghna he trusted her. After the Aarushi murder case no murder mystery has been in news except that of Sheena Bora. In her murder her own murder Indrani Mukherjee has been arrested and the investigation is going on. On this Meghna is not too worried about her own movie. She says she is worried about what is happening to the public? Such a well established family did so. In this there was the news of the death of the servant but the case become complicated when her father was involved. In Sheena's case if the driver had been the murderer it would have been easy, but now her mother is involved and that has made it complicated.  It is about the changing relationships. She thinks even the best writers could not write such a movie.