Sultan was challenging for me : Anushka Sharma

It is said that, if there is Salman Khan in the film, then that film is of him only. Still another character Aarfa, played by Anushka Sharma, is also appreciated a lot, she is very happy that even after superstar like Salman Khan, her Aarfa character is been recognised. According to Anushka, 'Salman Khan's fans says that they are her fan too, this is a big thing because they are very loyal fans. Three khans have such loyal fans. So, she is feeling very special. Anushka said, 'I think you want people to see at your work and should be appreciated and it happened in the film. I'm very happy.' Appreciation is special for Anushka, because according to her it was a challenging film. Anushka believes that she worked like robot for her physical change and worked hard to understand Aarfa's thinking, that got successful. Anushka said, 'Sultan has been most difficult film for me so far. This was challenging for me, Physically and emotionally it was difficult for me. I had to understand Emotions and Maturity, which is not in me right now. Learning a sport, changing shape of body, woke up early in morning, going for practice, then learning wrestling was challenging for me.'