Shorgul : Movie Review : Ashutosh Rana and Jimmy Shergill

Name of the Film Shorgul
Critics Rating 2 stars
Director Pranab Kumar Singh and Jitendra Tiwari
Star cast Ashutosh Rana , Jimmy Shergill , Sanjay Suri , Narendra Jha , Suha Gojen , Deepdas Rana , Hiten Tejwani Eijaz Khan
Genre Political Drama
Duration  2 Hours 12 minutes
Date Released 01 July 2016
In every decade, films are made on political backdrop. With the medium of 'Shorgul', makers have tried tho show this issue. How is this film, come lets know : Story : Story of the film is of Malihabad near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Where one Chaudhary(Ashutosh Rana), One MLA (Jimmy Shergill) and Hindu-Muslim Family. Chaudhary's son Anirudh Dave and one Muslim girl Jenab (Suha Gezen) are friends from childhood. They go to college together. When Jenab's marriage is confirmed with Salim (Hetan Tejwani), after that in presence of Hetan's brother Mustakeen (Eijaz Khan) something happens, that Raghu dies. On his death, riots get started between Hindu and Muslim in Malihabad. Political turn is also given in this movie, and then finally it get typical end. Script : Story of the film is political drama, which you are been seeing from many years, here mixture love story and politics is shown in this film. Dialogues are very strong, with has less attraction. Writing will make you remember times of 90s, which can be made much better. Well it's 132 minutes film, but it seems too long when you will see it. Screen play could have been more tight. Acting : Acting and Dialogue delivery of Actor Ashutosh Rana will be seen again, Jimmy Shergill work is also appreciated. Actress Suha has done amazing work. Eijaz Khan, Hetan Tejwani, Narendra Jha, Sanjay Suri and Deep Das Rana work is also amazing. Weakness : Weakness of the film is it's cliche story, on which more work could have been done. In starting 1.5 hours, film gets too spread, which gets difficult to collection at one place, because of which Climax get too cliche. Sanjay Suri and Narendra Jha were given small role, which is injustice and get lost in crowd. Music : Music of the film is okay, which takes story forward. Kapil Sibal has also written songs, Lalit Pandit song also looks good. Why to Watch: If we love seen Ashutosh Rana, Jimmy Shergill acting and love seeing movies based on politics, then must watch it.