Shirish Kunder registered a defamation case of 5 crores against Aneel

Director Shirish Kunder short film 'Kriti' is available online. Now Makers of 'Kriti' has claimed 5 crores from Aneel Anil Neupane as he could recover is loss. Nepali filmmaker Aneel claimed copy Right case for this film, after that this film was removed from FB. Now this film is again available of Youtube. Kriti was released on 22 June. After that Aneel told this film as copy of his film on Facebook and told that this film is very similar to film 'Bob. He said that his movie Bob has been released 7 months ago on Vimeo. However, Shirish said that trust always wins. Shirish told, 'Another party was asked for 25 lakhs for copying his film, Many believes that makers can give any amount to remove the case, but we want to finish with right way. I registered my script of this film 3 years ago at Mumabi's film Writers Association, so I had no fear for it. Whereas other party was also waiting for the money. We waited for 14 days to present the evidence. Because of which lots of time has been wasted. We reached till 30 millions users and 5 lakhs were seeing this film daily, that time has gone and we have to star again.' Shirish told, ' If anybody claims about copy right, then automatically it get removed from youtube. Then who has claimed then he gets 14 days time to prove it. This is when frauds do not revert, and blackmail filmmakers whose reputation, time and money is at stake, to retract their claim. This is popularly known the world over as DMCA abuse. Such people use platforms like Vimeo and Facebook which have features to post back dated videos to fool the public.' He told for the all the losses, he has registered a defamation case against the Aneel of 5 crores. You May Also Like : Is Kriti copy from Bob?