Shahrukh Khan said on Incredible India

Now Aamir Khan will not be the part of Incredible India. It is expected that now Amitabh Bachchan will endorse Incredible India. And when we tried to talk to Shahrukh Khan about it, on this he said, keep me away from this matter. Shahrukh reached Kolkata for a book launch. He was asked to comment of Incrediable India issue, on thsi King Khan said, 'See, I have nothing to do with this issue and even I am not been making the brand ambassador of Incredible India or nor I have been removed from the program. So please keep me away from this issue. Aamir Khan few days before confirmed the the news that he is not anymore part of Incredible India. I respect the decision of Central Government. Ministry of Tourism and Culture said that they had contract with the agency not with Aamir Khan.