Shahrukh Khan loves spending time with his kids

How much busy Shahrukh Khan may be, he always have time for his kids. Elder kids Aryan and Suhana are busy in their studies but he spends lots of time with Abram. Abram is mostly with him on the set. Shahrukh says, 'My favourite work is to spend time with Abram. He was comes up to me as soon as he get up, if I am at home. I have a good destiny that I have 3 kids. My kids are my friend. Everyone has different age and have different habits. My entertainment value are my kids. I am not the best father, but I want to be. I am selfish that I entertain him, so that I can be happy. Abram is my small toy. My other kids don't come to shooting, they feel shy. Sometimes they get scared and sometime they get bored, and if they come they stay in van, so that is why I am not able to spend time with them. Further he says, 'Abram get comfortable with everyone. He feel happy if people are around him. Abram is very entertaining, He talks a lot. If I am in tension or tired, I go and sit with him."