Shahrukh, Irrfan and other celebs busted over film's piracy

These days Piracy is getting increased in Bollywood, which loss is lifted by big budget films and stars. Shahrukh khan, Irrfan Khan, Kangana Ranaut and filmmaker Imtiaz Ali believes that Piracy is biggest danger for film industry and big steps should be taken to stop it. Recently, Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti was leaked online. Kangana said on this, 'It is very disappointing for film industry. We do hard work. I think that it is a crime and people should stop doing this. Queen actress said that Priracy should not be promoted, because it is noting but stealing. She said, 'This is a kind of stealing which is not accepted in society. We want to ensure that such behaviour should not be promoted. This is a wrong behaviour.' Imtiaz Ali who is busy in preparation for Shahukh Khan and his film said that this is a serious crime and people linked with this thing, should be shown to them. Tamasha director said, 'this is very disappointing. people don't understand, this is such serious crime. People who do piracy don't realise that actors, directors, filmmakers face so much loss. They should think about it. ' Shahrukh Khan said on this, 'Piracy should be stopped. Dilwale actor said, 'Piracy should not be done. Don't do deep questions with me in night. Ask some simple answer.' Shahrukh Khan came here on special screening of Irrfan Starrer film 'Madari', which has been released today. Irrfan said, piracy is more dangerous then Hollywood for the films. Irrfan khan said, ' This is a big danger, way the online films are leaking, so piracy has become more dangerous than Bollywood for the films. i want people should come from different areas of film industry and demands government to stop it.' You May Also Know : Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies Irrfan khan upcoming movies