People raised question on Diya, after her message on wastage of water in Holi

Bollywood actress Diya Mira is been criticised these days on Social Media. Reason is giving message of Wastage of Water. Diya Mirza gave a message on social media about wastage of water on Holi. On this she was criticised. People made Diya remember her due bill of 2.26 Lakhs of water by Hyderabad Municipal and of Sewerage Board. On Wednesday Diya Tweets, 'It's Ironic, where people are committing suicide due to shortage of water and there are those people who are wasting water in Holi. You can call me Anti-Hindu.' On this Ashish Gupta wrote, 'Who did even paid her water bills, is talking about saving the water.' Ketan C Bhate wrote, 'It's Ironic that such people are conveying message who don't even pay their water bill.' In 2013, it was heard that on DIya Mirza 2.26 Lakhs is due. On this Diya said, 'This whole issue was a miscommunication. In two days whole bill will be paid.' Diya answered about this after sometime. She said that she also plays Holi, but only with color. She don't waste water.