Selfie : This man gave Salman Khan break

Salman Khan for the first time saw himself in an Ad. Salman tells about it, I did an ad of Campa Colo. I faced the camera just because of Kailash Surendranth and Aarti Gupta. Kailash says that, She was my fiancée, who is my wife now, Aarti Ji. She saw him Sea Rock Hotel, we were making a film on Campa Cola. Ad film, and its script was under water swimming, we were about to shoot in Andaman island. We needed one more good swimmer and had to leave in 2-4 days. So we did not got anyone and suddenly one Aarti called me that I have a perfect casting for you. She was a model that time. Actually what happened that her father was general manager at Sea Rock Hotel, so Salim was his friend and Salim used to say many times that I have a son and he said he wants a break in modelling. So Aarti father use to say to Aarti that take him to kailash. selfie Kailash had nothing to with Salman's face and his talent, he just need a swimmer for his cold drink ad. Salman on this said that he saw me doing swimming in Sea Rock Hotel. He was shooting an ad got Campa Cola. Kailash says that, when Salman came, I called to Aarti nad said, this is a kid. For him you all will look like Uncle-Aunty. He is a kid, ask him to take out his shirt and he actually removed his shirt and I saw whale trimmed body and proper worked out, he had some spirit, which I really liked. Salman Says Kailash took me to Andaman. Kailash tell that, Salman' mother call or his Aunt, that there was no money in modelling or anything. She said, he himself has to pay his plane fare and hotel fare. I said, No, No we are talking him. He will also get the payment and he came to us. Salman got a modelling break through a cola drink ad. His eyes was on films and when Father Salim is there then what to worry about. No, Salman many time was upset because of his Bollywood career. salman 2 Salim Khan talks about those days of Salman, I also told him that, 'we are the people which can live without onscreen. I can survive without oxygen. I taught him Never say Die, Its not the end of the world, go and try, we have also faced rejection.