See what Shahrukh Khan has gifted to his female staff on valentine's day

Shahrukh Khan is a very Dildaar actor and no one can deny this even it is 18 years old her crazy fan or 60 years old his admirer. He is an attraction for everyone in every generation. Once again Shahrukh Khan has shown that he is the big hearted person on this valentine day. According to the reports, Shahrukh Khan who is very happy with the success of Raees has given an amazing gift to his female staff members which show his love and respect towards them. The news is that Shahrukh Khan has given a rose designed handbag hi-end smartphone to his female staff members in some of them also has got gold lockets. The interesting thing is that Shahrukh himself has chosen all these gifts. As the girls are coming inside the office on valentine's day they are very happy after getting this amazing gifts from their boss and favorite star Shahrukh Khan. They all are very happy after seeing this way of Shahrukh for showing love to them and he tried this to make them feel special. Besides this, he also gives some surprises to his close ones and relatives. This is to notice that Shahrukh Khan always makes everyone who is working with him and works for him feels special. This is the reason that why people always loves to work with him.