One singing reality show producer faced loss because of Govinda

A few days back Govinda made allegations on the industry people in one interview for the promotions of his upcoming movie Aagaya Hero. He said in that interview, many people from the industry are avoiding him purposely and that's why they are not giving work to him. He even told that when the thought of making the film by himself then there were lots of hurdles came in his way. He had to face troubles from financiers to distributors. But it looks like that after passing through that bad phase his tantrums has not been less. Recently because of him, one reality TV show was started after 5 hours. Due to this, the producers have to face a big loss because of Govinda. According to the reports, Govinda had to shoot one special episode of the singing reality shows The Voice India on 11 AM. But just before one day of shooting, Govinda called the producers and told he can be late so shooting should start from 1 PM. As seeing the busy schedule of Govinda the producers got ready for it but despite that Govinda didn't reach there on time. So, in that case, the producers have to start the show without Govinda. One source presented on the sets told we planned to shoot some special moments with Govinda but unfortunately, he himself came late. We can't push the shooting because our telecasting time was supposed to come soon, so we started the shooting and we thought that he will come till break but it also didn't happen.