Salman wanted to reach the state flying but could not

A big atmosphere was there on the performance of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in Recent Award show. Salman was preparing for large scale entry. Salman has to fly and come here. But according to the sources this could not happen. The reason behind this was the preparations that were done was not sufficient as Salman weight and the distance of the stage was not matching correct. Arrangements were not done properly. Eyewitness said, 'This act had a strong rope thought which Salman would have fly over audience head and land on the stage. Son was 'Main Hu Hero'.For this a vehicle was prepared, but when Salman started walking on it then it was not running properly. Because of this Salman was very panic. This was 5 feets away from audience head. He arrived on the stage, but not in Hero style, it was not the way it was planned.' Source said, 'After the performance, Salman went back stage and spoke to choreographer and the Manager. He was unhappy with the arrangements. Salman also raged the staff for this mistake.