Hrithik alleged for stealing the story

A city Novelist has accused Director Producer Hrithik Roshan of Krishh 3 for stealing the story from his novel and filed a police complaint against him under the Copyright Act. Writer Narayan Sonkar has alleged that Roshan stole the 'Krrish 3' story from his novel 'Suardan'. Police told that, Sonkar has submitted a copy of his novel along with the complaint. Case has been registered against the filmmaker. The novelist claimed he published 'Suardan' in 2010 in which he had dreamed a creature combining 'manav' (man) and 'janwar' (animal) and named it 'Manwar'. He said the 2013 film also has a creature combining the attributes of man and animal and claimed Roshan used his story without obtaining his permission. Roshan texted a message, 'The matter is sub-judice. I cannot comment.' The police said the matter will be investigated and if accusations are found true then further action will be taken.