Salman gave shocking statement on his Marriage and Kids

Salman Khan is always question related to his Marriage in every interview. Recently, in a program, when Salman was asked about his marriage, then he shocked everybody with his answer. Few days back there was a news that Salman Khan may tie knots with her Romanian based Girl friend Lulia Vantur. Salman has been in relationship with many actress. But his relationship could not reach to his marriage. Few days ago there was a news that Salman will finally get married this year. But when in a college program in Pune, he was asked this question, then he expressed a doubt related to his marriage. In the program, when everybody started shouting 'Marriage Marriage' and Salman Khan made them quite and said, 'Can you see sweat in my forehead. You will not this on anyother forehead, why here climate is so nice. When it comes to the marriage, then I have a doubt about it. But I want 3-4 kids. I know getting kid before marriage is difficult, but I can manage. Previous it was not the age to get marriage and now the age has passed away, But I am very happy.' When Salman was asked that he will get married after Hit and Run case will end? On this Salman said, the case is still not ended.