Ranbir and Katrina watched the rough cut of 'Jagga Jasoos' separately

Director Anuraj basu showed the first of Jagga Jasoon to Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina kaif. Intresting thing is this that maintaining the status of their breakup, they both saw the film sseparately Film's last 22 days shoot will start from January. They both will seen together till the film is not release, even after the break up. Saw the film separately : Ranbir's close source confirmed that, 'Anurag Basu showed the film to both of them, but separately. This is film's first editing rough cut. Basu also told them about the rest of the part. Both of them loved the first cut and promised him to complete the lest of the part soon. Date were locked.' From 20 Febuary to 15 March shooting will done : Since one year there was a news of closing of Jagga Jasoos. Lil bit of shooting was also done but film did not moved forward. Films 22 days shoot is left, which will start from 20 February. Ranbir and katrina have given their dates. Film will release in June. Will shooting face any problems after the breakup : Is this matter of rough cut, giving the confirmation of Break up ? Or they are playing safe that they don't get to see together. If they have already broken up, then 22 days of shooting will be how, will it be done or not? Ranbir said, this film is important for me as my previous film were unsuccessful. We have decided to release it in June. Some shoot is left. I dont interfare in creative field of Anurag, we have done 'Barfi' together. His performance level is different. We hope that all will love thi film.'