Rakhi Sawant to complete her movie on Indrani Mukherjee in 5 months

Actress Rakhi Sawant is making movie in Indrani Mukherjee. She has claimed that she will complete the movie in just 5 months. She added that in the film the truth will be shown and she herself will play the role of Indrani. Rakhi Sawant in an exclusive interview with NBT said that the shooting of the film has started. It is being done on the original location only. In the film shooting will take place in Assam, Guwahati, Kolkata, Raigarh, Jaipur and Mumbai. If the permission is not grant in all these states, then the shooting will be done in the villages of Mumbai only. It is a low budget movie. Indrani's role will be played by Rakhi while for the roles of Vidhi and Sheena, two girls have been finalized. Rakhi said that she is friends with Indrani for the last 8 years. She knows some mysteries that no one else knows. She said although Mahesh Bhatt is making movie on Indrani but he does not know much about her. She added that before Mahesh Bhatt's movie her movie will be releases. In this the role of Sheena is being played by Seema.