Rakesh Roshan claimed 50 crores from Sudhanshu Pandey

Rakesh Roshan is going register a case for claiming compensation on Sudhanshu Pandey who had registered a case against Rakesh Roshan of Fraud. Sudhanshu last week registered a case against Rakesh Roshan adn Sanjay Gupta for stealing his story. Complaint is this that they have stolen the story of upcoming film of Hrithik Roshan. According to the sources, Rakesh Roshan is taking suggestions of his lawyers and he dont want that his image to get destroyed with this. Rakesh Roshan has claimed 50 crores from Pandey. According to the source, no criminal charge is applied on both of them. News is this, Sanjay and Pandey met last year in may regarding this film script. After that they met in October for move the film forward. After that it was promised to make him associated producer of the film and the talk of credit was not done.