Wow Aamir Khan is a big Fan of Salman Khan

During a show, when a fan asked from Aamir Khan that Salman Khan's Sultan is also releasing this year, whereas his film Dangal is also releasing, both the film are based on wrestling. Then fans should watch whos film first? On this Aamir said, 'Salman starrer Sultan is releasing in EID. Means much before than Dangal. Audience will first see Salman Khan. Let me tell you, like you I am also his big fan. So I am also very excited about Sultan. I know, Salman must have given tremendous performance. When asked who is bigger wrestler in Bollywood, on this Aamir said, 'In out film the biggest wrestler is wrestling. Not Aamir or Salman. Indian Wrestler will get profit with these films. Here Aamir said that he is excited to see Sultan. Dangal and Sultan both are based on wrestling. Aamir is worried with this common factor.