Without Seeing The Teaser Of Sharukh Khan Film 'Fan' Salman Given His Openinion !

You must remember first Salman Khan's' Bajrangi Baijan's first look had tweeted by Sharukh Khan, but Salman Khan yet not seen the teaser his film "Fan", which has increasingly become viral on the Internet. However, he is sure of this, that it must be good. - Salman Khan was on a show of Anupam Kher popular play ' Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha '. Then a question were asked him to see the Sharukh Khan's film Treaser, he said," No, but I will go and watch the teaser. However, even without seeing the teaser I know that it will be good. - Let me tell you that Shah Rukh Khan's 'Fan' teaser has hit more as compared to Salman Khan's 'Sultan among men. Released on 9 July, 'Fan' teaser have seen more than 17 million people of the two days, However "Sultan teaser the release of June 23 have only seen by 12 million people.