Will Salman Khan do same to Sanju Baba, what he did with Shahrukh Khan ?

Since when Sanjay Dutt is out of the jail, Salman and his friendship has got some crack in it, there was time, when the used t be together always, Now Salman Khan is seen hiding himself from Sanjay, According to the reports, reason behind this is taken Ranbir in his Biopic. Now the real reason is said as Salman Khan's manager Reshma Shetty. According to the report, Ramazan are going on, so everybody is waiting for the Iftaar party that will be given by Baba Siddiqui, where Salman and Sanjay will definitely come across each other. In 2013, Iftaar Party of Siddiqui, Shahrukh Khan and Salman hugged eachother and ended the fight between eachother, so time Salman will hug Sanju Baba ? One source says that there were possibilities of both the actors to come in common events few month back, but both of them ensured that they will not come in eachother's way. Salman everytimes goes to Baba Siddiqui party, same with Sanjay also, so maybe Siddiqyui try to rebuit their friendship. When Siddiqui was aksed about this, then he said, according to me, there is no fight between Salman and Sanju, noe fans will wait for them in the party. Lulia Vantur can also join Salman Khan to the party.